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1st Meeting - 2010 - Santorini, Greece

The two-day meeting "Antigens and Lymphomas" was held on October 7-8, 2010, at the Petros Nomikos Convention Center in the island of Santorini, Greece. The meeting was organized under the auspices of the Greek Society of Haematology. The main objective of this event was to bring together scientists active in the exciting field of human immunopathology and bridge basic research with clinical practice.

Fritz Melchers | B cell developmental pathways
Rita Carsetti | Functional heterogeneity of human B cell subsets
Jean Claude Weill | Marginal zone B cells
Dimitar Efremov | BCR signaling pathways
Marc Maynadie | Antigens and Lymphomas: The epidemiologist's angle
Ming Du | MALT lymphomas
Bertrand Nadel | Follicular lymphoma
Michael Pfreundschuh | Multiple myeloma
Ralf Kuppers | The enigmatic case of Hodgkin lymphoma
Freda Stevenson | Tracking a single B cell subset through health, autoimmunity and leukemia
Riccardo Dolcetti | Epstein-Barr virus
Olivier Hermine | Hepatitis C virus
Michalis Voulgarelis | Lymphomas associated with autoimmunity
Antonino Carbone | Lymphomas associated with immunodeficiency
Alberto Orfao | On the crossroads between autoimmunity and malignancy: T-LGL leukemia
Paolo Ghia | Entering the unknown: the microenvironment in CLL
Nicholas Chiorazzi | The elusive cell of origin of CLL
Anders Rosen | Antigenic stimulation in CLL
Andres Ferreri | Antimicrobial therapy in lymphoma
Catherine Thieblemont | Novel immunotherapy in lymphoma
Ryan Young | Targeting the BCR signaling pathways in lymphoma

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